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Posts tagged as “2017”

November’16: Keyword auto-Suggestions

Diana Sedunova 0

This new feature is built onto our core compilation algorithm. Never before has a tool like this been available. Keyword research will now take less than 20 minutes. First, add the keywords from your own common sense, detailing which ones best suit your app. If this poses an issue,…

July’16: Reviews & Suggestions

Sergey Sharov 0

ASOdesk team was hard at work this month, but now we’re ready to show off the newest version of our platform. Here are our latest features and how to use them: Developers can now respond to user reviews in Reviews module Google Play allows you an opportunity to interact…

May’16: Organic Report

Diana Sedunova 0

When mobile marketers analyze their traffic channels, some of their channels remain a mystery. Where does the traffic come from? ASOdesk answers this question and more.