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“At first, the relationship with Apple was tremulous – “Oh, they denied us, we must urgently make corrections”

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Evgeny Plohoi, Co-founder and CEO of Capable Bits, Co-Founder in CB Labs Biz, talks about one of his products – a music player from the clouds Dropbox, Google Drive and others. The topic of the interview is the satellites of the application within ASO and promotion of the main…

ASOdesk Fortnightly Digest #2: 08/08/17

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App Store implements PayPal, Google introduces machine learning for identifying harmful apps and allows gambling. We promised the digest to be bi-weekly, but June was relatively calm, so not that much news for two weeks, guys. We’ll start with some general materials worthy of note. Like, for instance, App…

Words in reviews: main points

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A cloud of words of this article. The ASOdesk team loves analytics and sometimes we do it just for fun. However, purposeless data digging can lead to some fun conclusions.   The tag cloud is a visualisation of the most used words in any piece of text. This format is…