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Posts published in “ASOdesk News”

Search Ads Popularity for new countries is available in ASOdesk already

Stepan Frolov 0

📢 Have you heard excellent news about new countries with Search Ads Advanced? Thus, we’ve recently updated the ASOdesk and now cover “Search Ads Popularity” for France 🇫🇷, Germany 🇩🇪, Italy 🇮🇹, Japan 🇯🇵, South Korea 🇰🇷, and Spain 🇪🇸! That means you have an additional index to make…

“Keyword Colors” – ASOdesk

Stepan Frolov 0

The new feature allows you to highlight words with colour! Did you already use our new feature “Keyword Colors” ? If not then you can quickly find it out in our short video! When adding new words, you can quickly highlight them with colour. Besides, there is the possibility…

April’18: We are 10 000+ users!

Sergey Sharov 0

We are happy to announce that 10k+ app publishers trust us and boost app installs with ASOdesk. Thank world’s greatest clients for your trust! 😀😀😀 ​​ We give bonuses for ASOdesk recommendations! You can get 10 bonus days to your subscription period (can be done only once) if you recommended us…