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The Art of Achieving Overall Ranking increase

Sergey Sharov

I tend to tell my clients that ASO is the Engine of the Formula 1 car and without a mechanic, a technical team, a DRIVER and fuel, the Engine is merely useless .

The problem is we spent a lot trying to tune up the car when in reality if we do ASO while keeping a balance with the other factors that are required we will have the increase in ranking we deserve.

The problem is: We forget the other variables of the Ranking Algorithm and we tend to believe that ASO just by itself is going to bring us to the top of the ranking.

To understand why this is the case, we need to understand the myths we tend to assign to App Store Optimization.

  1. ASO will increase ranking for 1 specific keyword:
    Sorry but … mm this is not possible. Regardless how much App marketing companies tell you, increasing ranking “just for 1” keyword is simply not possible. The Algorithm doesn’t work like that, the algorithm determine ranking as an overall rewards for the authority, quality and popularity of your app. Therefor “keyword sniping” for just 1 specific keyword is one of those myths that has less validity now a days.
  2. Constant changing of keywords will bring higher traffic:
    The constant rotation of keywords is not “ASO” . Many ASO newbies believe that if you don’t rank for one keyword the solution is to go for “a second set of keywords” to see if those will rank.  The reality is that the likelihood of NOT ranking in the second set of keywords will also be high if you didn’t rank in the 1st one. Not ranking for a specific set of keywords can reveal a lot about your number of downloads, number of reviews and competition levels in your category/niche. So rotating just for rotating keywords will not make a huge difference.
  3. You didn’t achieve ranking:  The ASO tool failed you!
    This is a regular comment I see in forums and groups. I tried X or Y tool and my ranking didn’t increase… and funny wise this is similar to: I purchase a treadmill and I left it in my garage … I didn’t lose any weight!!!
    Any ASO tool needs action, any ASO tool needs to be part of an strategy and when you use the ASO tool as the hope for your app to survive, you are going to be highly disappointed.

So what is the answer?

To take ASO as a process, just like you do with a diet, a new business venture or a fitness regime. ASO is not going to blast your app to a new ranking heaven if you don’t have a plan in place.

Plan your app launch, establish an app marketing strategy, build a recurrent system to promote, drive reviews and use ASO as an analytical tool and practice to drive your app to an overall increase of organic traffic.

Then you will understand the real power of App Store Optimization.