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How difficult is a keyword in the App Store

Sergey Sharov

How difficult is a keyword in the App Store?
How long is a piece of string?

Not an easy question. Let’s see how ASOdesk approaches difficulty in a holistic way

ASO is not difficult… the problem is when ASO tools think that you can’t make your own decisions and that’s why ASOdesk has a very different approach to keyword research.

In the past (before ASOdesk) ASO tools job was to tell you if you should go for a keyword or not… by a score of difficulty, when in reality difficulty is something that is not so easy to understand until you really realize the complexity behind the App store ecosystem.

Let me explain this in a simple example:

The New York Marathon is one of the most competitive events in the world.

Every year over  50.000 people run in the streets of New York competing in this massive one day race.

But how many of them are really competing? how many of them ACTUALLY trained to win?

Not all of them right?

The reason is because not all runners are the same. Some of them are professionals, some of them are just doing it for fun.

With apps is the same.

Not all the apps competing for the keyword “fitness” are in fact working hard to rank for that keyword and in many cases many of those apps are not even active any longer.

That’s why ASOdesk empowers the user to be able to understand the data surrounding a keyword and to make the decision directly form the dashboard.

Number of potential visitors, number of reviews, when the app was published, your position vs the competitors, all those factors and many more give you the option to determine if a keyword is up for grabs or not.

So when do we know if a Keyword is EASY or not?

When we determine the ROI of that keyword. Yes. When we determine how important is for us and how much we want to battle vs our competitors.

It’s 2017 now and we need to face the reality: there are not “easy keywords” … instead they are lazy competitors…

So chose a keyword with good traffic and slow competitors.

Because in the ASO game, adapting fast, learning, testing and implementing will bring you the best results in the long run. Just like the New York Marathon.