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ASO optimization in Aviasales: how to start, localization and features of the App Store and Google Play

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  ASOdesk talked with Ilya Kukharev (pictured), Aviasales ASO optimiser. Ilya described what tools are used, what to read to learn ASO and whether it is worth chasing popular requests. Ilya, hello! Tell me about yourself, how did you get into Aviasales? For about 10 years I have been freelance…

“At first, the relationship with Apple was tremulous – “Oh, they denied us, we must urgently make corrections”

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Evgeny Plohoi, Co-founder and CEO of Capable Bits, Co-Founder in CB Labs Biz, talks about one of his products – a music player from the clouds Dropbox, Google Drive and others. The topic of the interview is the satellites of the application within ASO and promotion of the main…