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Broad vs Longtail : Why Longtail always win.

Sergey Sharov

Let me tell you a story about KEYWORDS and why Long tails win vs single or broad keywords.

In 2012 I worked for over 12  months with the top  jewellery in the USA trying to being traffic to their online store.

I worked hard on those days of SEO…. oh boy, I really worked hard!

The goal?

To rank for “wedding rings”

Yes, the holy grail of SEO keywords, specially if you are an online jewellery!

After 5 months, a lot of content, money spent, links, and tears, we achieved position #3.

Yes. #3 in Google for a one of the most competitive keywords in the industry!!!!

I was happy.
The owner was happy.
Everyone was happy.

2 weeks later nobody was happy anymore.


No sales.

WHAT? No sales after position #3 for such an amazing keyword?

…. Well… may be a few sales, but nothing huge. Not enough to make us smile. Not enough to make the owner happy or me as an SEO guy proud of my results.

So … we started to research, we analysed everything and tried to understand what was going on…

The traffic had increased with the new ranking, but the sales didn’t.

After a few days we realised the problem: Broad keyword.

Yes. we targeted the golden keyword of SEO, but  not the golden keyword of conversion.


Longtail vs broad.

In the SEO and ASO world we all want that keyword that is going to flood us with traffic, that’s why we amateur ASO people go for keywords like

  • game
  • app
  • productivity
  • game
  • best app
  • top app
  • fun app

Highly competitive keywords but extremely inaccurate. Huge traffic always represents for us the idea of huge success, but huge traffic is also zombie traffic. A traffic that hasn’t really make their mind.

I call it “browsing traffic” .

Browsing traffic is just starting the process of search and hasn’t make their decision about what they want to download, what type of app they really want… that’s why the start the search process with a random keyword.

In the other hand the long tail keyword search term is precise, clear, like a sharp arrow that knows where it want’s to go.

It has intention, it has a goal…. and that is what we want, we want traffic that is going to buy, traffic that wants to take action…. welcome the traffic of Long tail keywords.

Why Long tails matter in ASO

Because GETTING downloads is becoming more difficult….

Think about it:

How many apps did you download last week ? Not as many as 2 years ago I bet…

The reason is why are more picky.
We are more educated.
We know what we want.

and when we search we are looking for something CLEAR. Something specific. Something unique.

And that uniqueness is the long tail that we need to find.

So next time you are doing ASO, using ASOdesk… the goal is to think of keywords as “the person searching” . Is this keyword a browsing keyword? or the keyword a person with “intent” will use…

Once you answer your own questions, you will be in the right path to head towards those golden long tails we like to find.