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Posts published by “Sergey Sharov”

April’18: We are 10 000+ users!

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We are happy to announce that 10k+ app publishers trust us and boost app installs with ASOdesk. Thank world’s greatest clients for your trust! 😀😀😀 ​​ We give bonuses for ASOdesk recommendations! You can get 10 bonus days to your subscription period (can be done only once) if you recommended us…

Why your ASO is not perfect?

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For whom is this article intended? This article will provide useful information for all developers who have run app search optimization. Companies who own many apps, or who use private agencies to provides services for search engine optimization, will also benefit greatly from the information contained herein, as will…

July’16: Reviews & Suggestions

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ASOdesk team was hard at work this month, but now we’re ready to show off the newest version of our platform. Here are our latest features and how to use them: Developers can now respond to user reviews in Reviews module Google Play allows you an opportunity to interact…